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Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

The malleable iron pipe fittings produced by Jizhong Malleable Iron Co., Ltd  have been recognized by our customers. We will not have any troubles only need to pay attention to the principle when using it. After we have finished using it, we must do the correct cleaning measures for better usage.

Malleable iron fittings first point: clear sand

The special equipment for sand cleaning is polishing machine. After the mechanical sand cleaning, the ash and iron oxide film on the surface of the pipe need to be cleaned, and at the same time, it plays a role of polishing and leveling, so that the surface of the malleable iron pipe fittings body has a smooth feeling, which is beneficial to the formation of the galvanized layer. Electric galvanized requires strict sand cleaning than hot dipped galvanized. The sand is thoroughly cleaned and the bonding is good.
Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting

Malleable iron fittings second point: threading

The consumption of 1 ton of malleable iron pipe fittings diesel is 50kg. In order to further improve the corrosion resistance of the threading, it is also immersed in the "seal oil" composed of the varnish and the gasoline mixture after threading. The pre-treatment of electroplating is due to the fact that the thread is coated like the fittings, and there is no worries after rusting. When a factory changed hot galvanized to electric, thread still made of diesel, it is like removing from the diesel oil. Although the pre-treatment is carried out, the degreasing is thorough, the galvanized coating bright, but the next day, it is found the coatings have black spots, and some are still more serious. Careful observation of the spots from the pores of the substrate, apparently caused by diesel penetration, when the spotted coating is removed and baked with the parts to be plated, black spot fault elimination.

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