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Grooved Couplings And Fittings For Sale

The cold winter in the north has come quietly. Are there any requirements and skills for storing grooved fittings in such a cold season? In fact, the storage of the grooved pipe fittings also has a certain temperature requirement. Next, let us look at the knowledge of its storage temperature.
Good storage environment can effectively maintain the grooved pipe fittings to ensure the normal use of the construction in the future. It should be placed in a ventilated and dry environment during storage to reduce the corrosion of the grooved pipe fittings; do not store with corrosive substances to avoid damage of grooved pipe fitting

Grooved Couplings And Fittings For Sale
Next, let's talk about how to choose the grooved pipe fittings.
Tap the surface of the grooved pipe fitting product to check the toughness of the pipe fitting. If struck hard the fittings outer wall, the surface of the pipe fitting will have a small degree of unevenness and deformation, and the pipe fitting will not break. This proves that the pipe fitting has good toughness and performance well. Observe the thread length and galvanization of the grooved pipe fittings. Generally, poor quality grooved pipe fittings has a relatively short thread. In order to prevent decaying, there is a good galvanization on the surface of the grooved pipe fittings. The galvanizing is performed before the thread is machined. 

Another point is to looking at the weight of the grooved pipe fittings, the outer diameter of the grooved pipe fittings for cutting corners becomes smaller, the thickness of the pipe wall and the length of the pipe wall will change, and the overall weight is light. Through the weight, we can also determine the quality of the grooved pipe fittings.

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