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Some knowledge about Pipe Fittings

Mainly the world's production volume of construction materials such as water mud, slabs, construction materials, pottery, stone and other materials. Raw material consumption is decreasing year by year, and no new building materials are emerging and building material products are not replaced.

The main products include a variety of Pipe Fittings, including non-tubes with various types of bores, low, medium and high pressure oven tubes, and oil probe tubes. ; Various illegal, manufacturing methods, various pipes, tables, pipe parts such as oil and oil proofing equipment; various types of polyurethane pipes, plastic pipes such as polyether pipes, jointly manufacture 3500 kinds of large 370 kinds of products The process mainly uses hot straight pipe, spiral double-sided arc, punching, compression, middle pressing, cold forming, heat compression, etc., and the maximum processing diameter of the pipeline is 2020 US. Process areas such as chemical engineering, western air transportation, marine and nuclear electricity, annual design capacity of 25 million.

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The CangZhou pipe fittings equipment manufacturing industry has been moving toward the goal of “Mikami” (upper die, upper horizontal, upper coating) and “Mitsuhyo” (high end, high pressure, high added), and the capacity of pipeline equipment is 3000 It has reached 10,000 km. CangZhou is known as "manufacturing and research base of pipeline facilities" and "both pipeline facilities". At the same time, the background of the social and national development of the building is the technical background of the building, and energy and technology are mainly the points of industrial development.
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