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Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting Banded Tee Manufacturers

Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting Banded Tee.Their threaded ends make them easy to install and modify as needed, and the banded design provides additional grip and reinforcement for secure connections.

Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting Banded Tee Features:

1. Material: Malleable iron is a type of cast iron known for its excellent strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including plumbing and industrial piping systems.
2. Tee Configuration: The banded tee has a T-shaped configuration, with one inlet (the "run") and two outlets (the "branches"). The run is typically larger in diameter than the branches.
3. Threaded Ends: Malleable iron pipe fittings, including banded tees, typically have threaded ends. These threads allow for easy and secure connection to other threaded pipes or fittings without the need for welding.
4. Banded Design: The banded design, which includes raised ribs or bands on the outer surface of the tee, enhances grip and reinforcement. It helps prevent slippage and ensures a tight and secure fit when tightening the fitting.
5. Compatibility: Malleable iron fittings are compatible with a variety of piping materials, including steel, brass, copper, and other malleable iron components.
6. Pressure Rating: The pressure rating of malleable iron pipe fittings varies depending on the size and design. Banded tees are available in different pressure classes to accommodate various applications.

Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting Banded Tee Uses:

1. Water Supply: They are commonly used in water supply systems for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to create branch connections for fixtures, appliances, and distribution lines.
2. Natural Gas and Oil: Banded tees can be used in natural gas and oil distribution systems to create branch connections for appliances, heaters, and other gas-fired equipment.
3. Heating and HVAC: These fittings are suitable for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, allowing for branch connections in heating and cooling pipelines.
4. Industrial Pipelines: In industrial settings, malleable iron banded tees are used to create branch connections for various fluid and gas transport applications.
5. Fire Protection: They play a role in fire sprinkler systems, allowing for the creation of branch connections to supply water to sprinkler heads and fire suppression equipment.
6. Plumbing Repairs and Modifications: Banded tees are also used in plumbing repairs and modifications to create new branch connections or replace damaged fittings.

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