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How to Quickly Identify The Authenticity of Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

With the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for malleable iron pipe fittings for waterways, gas roads and oil roads is increasing day by day, and the quality requirements will be higher and higher. Judging whether the quality of a malleable iron pipe fittings is good or not depends on whether it meets the corresponding national standard

However, some technical management, procurement and construction personnel have little understanding of the national standards of Malleable iron pipe fittings. They urgently need a more intuitive and portable photo album to help them identify. I believe that the publishment of this catalogue will help you improve the identification of the advantages and disadvantages of malleable iron pipe fittings.

How to Quickly Identify The Authenticity of Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

1. knock: the malleable cast iron pipe fittings are toughness casting products. when the surface is knocked with external force, if has a dent or a small amount of deformation, it can be proved that the material properties are acceptable.

2. Look: look at the length of the thread, the general length of the counterfeit product thread is always very short. Second, look at galvanizing, galvanizing specified in ASTM A153 refers to hot-dip galvanizing with better corrosion resistance. Its process is to perform hot-dip galvanizing before threading, and then thread processing, so the thread surface is not Zinc layer. The counterfeit products are processed by electroplating zinc or other coatings after machining the thread. The thread surface has a zinc layer (coating), which has a low cost and poor corrosion resistance. After installation on the pipeline, the yellow water (rust water) ) will appear.

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3. Weighing: The steel pipe fittings that cut corners will definitely reduce the outer diameter, reduce the wall thickness, and shorten the medium and long size. It is generally 10% lighter than the weight of the pipe fittings that meet the national standard. We can judge the shoddy by weighing in the hand

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