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Hot Dipped Galvanized Reducing Sockets Banded with UL/ FM Certificates

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Hot-dipped galvanized reducing sockets are pipe fittings used in plumbing and industrial applications to connect two pipes or fittings of different sizes, with the purpose of reducing the pipe size while maintaining a threaded connection.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Reducing Sockets:

1. Threaded Connection: Reducing sockets have male threads on one end and female threads on the other end. This allows them to be screwed onto pipes or other fittings with matching threads.
2. Reducing Size: As the name suggests, reducing sockets are used to transition from a larger pipe size to a smaller one while maintaining a threaded connection. They come in various size combinations to accommodate different pipe size reductions.
3. Installation: Installing reducing sockets is straightforward. They are threaded onto the larger pipe or fitting, and the smaller pipe or fitting is connected to the other end. Proper sealing methods, such as Teflon tape or pipe thread sealant, should be used to ensure leak-free connections.
4. Compliance: The specifications and standards for hot-dipped galvanized reducing sockets may vary depending on the region and intended application. It's essential to select fittings that meet the required industry standards and codes.


These galvanized reducing sockets are commonly used in outdoor and exposed environments where protection against rust and corrosion is critical. They provide a durable and long-lasting solution for joining pipes of different sizes while maintaining a secure and threaded connection. It's important to follow industry guidelines and best practices when installing these fittings to ensure the integrity of the plumbing or piping system.
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