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Grooved Pipe Fittings Factory

Our company-Hebei Shijiazhuang Jizhong Malleable Iron Co., Ltd., is one of the leading exporters in China which specializes in producing and exporting all kinds of steel and iron products. Such as seamless and weld pipes, butt welding and threading pipe fittings, grooved pipe fittings ,flanges, valves, structural materials, castings and hardware products.

Jizhong grooved pipe fittings provide a rigid or flexible pipe connection for fire protection systems with dependable seals over a range of internal pressure situations.
Grooved pipe fittings factory
As a quick, simple installation and durable material structure,It can be applied to almost any fire service in a wet and dry system.The outer shell of the grooved pipe fitting is made of ductile iron of  ASTM-A536, Grades 65-45-12 .They are UL  approved, ranging from 1 1⁄4" to 12".They also provide a prelubricated washer.

Our company has  UL certification and more than 10 years experience in producing pipe fittings and connectors.

Welcome to contact us.Hebei Shijiazhuang Jizhong Malleable Iron Co., Ltd., provide malleable iron pipe fittings ,will provide high quality products as well as the best service to you at any time.

Grooved pipe fittings factory in china

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