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Fire Protection-Malleable iron pipe fittings

  Shijiazhuang Jizhong Malleable Iron Co.Ltd-------Professional factory for M.I fittings since 1998, UL FM approved. 100% leakage pressure test.

  Our main products cover MI Fittings, GI Fittings, Grooved pipe fittings,Welded carbon steel pipe fitting, Steel pipe nipple and PTFE. If any product meed your demand, pls feel free to contact us.

Fire Protection-Malleable iron pipe fittings

  Nowadays malleable steel pipe fittings are widely used in many industries, such as fire protection, where pipes are connected by malleable iron pipe fittings, because malleable iron pipe fittings can avoid being damaged by fire.

  Malleable iron pipe fittings go through heat treatment from the blank, and then go to flat mouth shaping and derusting, and then go through galvanizing treatment, and then die, and rust prevention, and finally they are packaged out of the factory.

  This series of processes produced malleable iron pipe fittings.

  The influence of chemical composition on malleable steel includes the influence on obtaining vermicular graphite and matrix, which in turn affect the mechanical properties and other properties of vermicular graphite cast iron. The chemical composition of malleable steel should be selected according to these influences.

     Fire Protection-Malleable iron pipe fittings china

  The company insist on brand management, we are operating three brands RJS G and EF, with the development of e-commerce, our sales model from B TO B gradually adjusted to B to B AND B to C, so whether you are wholesalers, supermarkets , factory or user, tell us your appeal, let us provide you with the appropriate solution.

  Innovation, development, harmony and win-win is the purpose of our company; professional, rationality is our sales creed. We are committed to being your trusted partner!

  Any questions pls contact us at any time:


  Mob/whatsapp/wechat: 0086 18230416770

  Skype: fenghongmei8112

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