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Fire Fighting Pipe Fittings cleaning and installation precautions

Fire fighting pipe fittings plays a crucial role in the construction of fire fighting pipeline, its resistance to corrosion has also been unanimously approved by the industry. Please review below the cleaning methods of fire fighting pipe fittings and installation precautions

Fire fighting pipe fittings precautions for cleaning:

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1, the flushing of fire fighting pipe fittings should be carried out in stages after passing the strength test. Underground first, then on the ground
2, before washing, pay attention to protect the instrument, check valve and alarm valve should be removed, reset afterwards;
3, Cleaning of equipment that cannot withstand washing and the possible retention of dirt and debris after washing should be carried out, careful beat the dead ends and the bottom which can’t be cleaned for the first time.
4, Water pressure test and flushing shall be carried out with domestic water, when flushing, the drainage section of the pipeline shall not be less than 60% of the pipeline being washed, the flow rate should be greater than 3m / s, the flow should be greater than the design flow, continuous flushing, when the color transparency of the end is consistent with the entrance, flushing can be ended, the flow and direction should be consistent with the direction of its work, after the end of the flush, keep dry.

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