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Banded Hot Dipped Galvanized Malleable Iron Reducing Tee Manufacturers

Hot Dipped Galvanized Reducing Tee is a pipe fitting used in plumbing and industrial applications to connect three pipes of different sizes in a way that reduces the flow from one of the pipes to the other two.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Reducing Tee Applications:

1. Water Supply: They are used in water distribution systems, particularly in regions where corrosion is a concern. The galvanized coating helps protect the fitting in underground or outdoor water supply installations.
2. Irrigation: In agricultural and landscaping applications, reducing tees can be used to divert water to different parts of the irrigation system.
3. Oil and Gas: They are used in oil and gas pipelines and industrial facilities, where corrosion resistance is critical due to exposure to various chemicals and outdoor conditions.
4. Structural Support: In construction and structural applications, reducing tees are used to create framework and support structures, such as handrails, safety barriers, and scaffoldings.
5. Plumbing: In plumbing systems, they are used for connecting pipes of different sizes, such as in residential and commercial plumbing installations.
6. Outdoor Installations: Hot-dipped galvanized reducing tees are commonly used in outdoor installations, including fencing, signs, and outdoor handrails.


It's essential to select the right size of the reducing tee to ensure a proper fit and effective flow control. Additionally, proper installation practices, including correct threading or welding techniques, are crucial to ensure leak-free and reliable connections. Regular maintenance and inspection are recommended to monitor the condition of the galvanized coating and ensure the long-term durability of the fitting.

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