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Buy Fire Fighting Pipe Fittings Online

Grooved fittings are used for connecting Standpipe to control, distribute, or support pipeline in different sizes or directions. By groove connection, project time is saved a lot with fast installation and easy maintenance. JIZHONG supply grooved pipe fittings for fire fighting system.
Buy Fire Fighting Pipe Fittings Online
JIZHONG provides grooved fitting in UL  approved:
› Grooved 90° elbow / grooved 45° elbow / grooved 22.5° elbow
› Grooved equal tee / grooved unequal tee / grooved unequal tee with thread
› Grooved ture Y / grooved equal cross
› Grooved reducer / grooved reducer with thread
› Grooved cap / cap with concentric hole
Grooved Coupling
There are three parts in a ductile iron grooved coupling including housing, gasket, and track head bolts and nuts. Which are used a lot in fire sprinkler pipelines. The grooves of standpipe ends are engaged by the housing, by encompassing the gasket, the housing forms a sealed chamber, with bolts and nuts tightened. This arrangement creates a leak-tight structure of a self-restrained pipe joint.
It is important to get a quality fire sprinkler pipe
In a word, with the development of industrial and economic, fire sprinkler pipe and fittings are used widely in almost all kinds industries and company, not to mention how important they are to people’s daily life. So it shall be get most attention on choosing a quality products to make the safe under control.

Jizhong provides fire sprinkler pipe and fittings, products approved by UL . If you have any requirements or any doubts we can be helped, just contact us.

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