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Black Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings In China

Malleable iron pipe fittings are malleable cast iron commonly known as Magnesium Steel, cast into white cast iron pieces, and then forgeable and annealed. The graphite in malleable cast iron is a flocculent, which has little effect on the separation of the matrix. Therefore, its mechanical properties are higher than that of gray cast iron, its ductility and toughness are good, but malleable cast iron cannot be forged. The malleable cast iron has different matrix structure and its properties. It is not the same, of which the black heart malleable cast iron has high plasticity and toughness, and the pearlite malleable cast iron has high strength, hardness and wear resistance. Malleable iron pipe fittings are suitable for petroleum, chemical, power, construction, water treatment and other fields.

black malleable iron pipe fittings in china

What is the difference between American standard fittings and national standard fittings?
The biggest difference between the American standard pipe fittings and the national standard pipe fittings is the calibre. The American standard is the A series national standard often referred to as the B series.
For example, the elbow: DN100*6, the nominal diameter is DN100, the national standard DN100's outer diameter is 108MM, the thickness is 6MM, the American standard DN100 refers to the inch is 4'', the outer diameter is 114.3MM, the thickness is also 6MM , And the length of the American standard's elbow is slightly longer than the national standard.
It is also said that the pipe with the same nominal diameter (including elbows, tees, heads, caps), the caliber of the American standard and the national standard are not the same size.

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